Old HT setup,

My Home cinema setup :
Projector :JVC DLA-NP5B 4096x2160 / 3840x2160 with HDMI 2.0 4K inputs
Screen :2.24 meter wide Davision Multiformat 4D with electric masking for 2.35:1, 16:9 and 1.85:1
Front speakers :B&W Nautilus 803
Rear speakers:B&W Nautilus 803
Center :B&W Nautilus HTM1
Subwoofer :Velodyne DD15
Amplifiers :Arcam AV860 with Dirac, HDMI 2.0, Atmos and DTS-X
Classe CA5100 5 channel amplifier 5x100W
HD mediaplayer :Dune real vision 4k media player realtek RTD1619DR for 2160p and HEVC with Dolby Vision, Android based, HDMI 2.0
Dune Pro-4k media player for 2160p and HEVC, Android based, HDMI 2.0
Dune Solo 4k media player for 2160p and HEVC, Sigma SMP8758 dual core with 60GB SSD for scraper
Dune Base3D: Sigma 8672 based media player with hotswap 3.5" harddrive bay
Dune Base 3.0 media player, with 750GB harddisk (Bedroom)
HT PC -player:Self built HTPC with Nvidia RTX3060ti using MadVR with Kodi/DsPlayer. See PC section for hardware description: HTPC hardware
BluRay-player:Oppo UDP-203 regionfree by grobi
TV :Sony 49XF9005 49Inch LCD TV with Full Array Led Dimming (FALD) for living room
Samsung 46ES8000 46inch LCD TV for Bedroom
Sony KDL32V2500 32" for attic
cable TV Ziggo Next 4k box (with replay TV, youtube, netflix etc.)
Humax iHDR5200 Bedroom + Humax HD5000 for attic
remote control : 3x Philips Pronto TSU9400 + Pronto RFX9600 serial wifi extender
cables analog: 1x 1.5m W&M BC-01 XLR cable between pre-amp and power amp,
2x 1m Cardas Crosslink XLR between pre-amp and power amp,
2x 1m SuperConductorQ XLR between pre-amp and power amp
cables video:15 meter fiber HDMI cable, HDMI Monster M1000, M750 (2x)
cables speaker:Kimber 8TC loadspeaker cable (3x 5meter) + 2x 12 meter no-name 4mm2

JVC DLA-NP5 projector:

Arcam AV860 pre-amp/processor:

Classé CA5100 5 channel power amp:

Complete setup :

previous setup :

old setup (previous):

UHD player Oppo UDP-203 with region free hardware pro-mod

Dune Base3D :

Dune Solo 4k :

WS Spalluto multiformat 16x9