Various cables are used in my setup. I still have some upgrading to do in this section.
To connect the DVD player to the Pre-amp I use Nordost Blue heaven cables.
To connect the pre-amp/processor to the power amps for the main channels : 5x NordOst BlueHeaven For 6 channel analog connection (for SACD) I have 6x NordOst BlueHeaven The digital connection from DVD player to the pre-amp is a 'MIT - The digital Reference'. Connection between CD player and pre-amp is a Transparent Premium digital interconnect, but I have a second MIT digatal Reference cable to replace it. The Snazio player is digitally connected via an Apogee WideEye cable. Anyone who doubts the influence of a digital interlink on the sound should listen to this cable from MIT. The extra staging and extra bass detail that this cable provides is quite amazing.

MIT digital reference
Nordost Blue Heaven : Monster m550i :
Monster interlink100 :

A standard 3 meter scart cable is connecting the DVD player to the TV. A high quality RG59 component cable with BNC connectors of 12 meter runs to the projector, custom made by myself.
Speaker cable Kimber 8TC. 3x 5m to fronts and center speaker. Towards the rears I use a more standard 4mm2 copper cable. As bridge between the high and low terminals on the N803 speakers I have selfmade bridhges made out of Kimber 8TC cable.
Power is distributed via a Kemp powerstrip 6. This powerstrip provides netfiltering and overcurrent protection. Power to the individual components is done with selfmade powercable with Wattgate 320i and Furutech schuko connectors on both Lapp and motorflex industrial powercable. Power is sourced from a separate power group in the house running to the set via 15 meter Motorflex cable.

Kemp Powerstrip : Kemp electronics is specialised in power cabling and filtering see kemp elektroniks

selfmade power interlink from wattgate320i, motorflex cable and kopp schuko connector

Top view into my audiorack (not showing power cabling).
YUV component cable on the left, Monster 6 channel input connection, MIT digital reference, Nordost Blue Heaven (below)