Since December 2007 a very nice multiformat screen is what I use to view movies on.

Davision 4D Multiformat screen :

The screen has 2 separate screens which can be extended to a length that is freely chosen. This way any aspect ratio screen can be created. There are 4 memory positions to which these aspect ratio's can be stored and recalled from by using either of the 2 suplied remote controls.
Width2.24m visible
Heightvariable height by means of masking (4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 or anything in between.
Remote Control2 remotecontrols :
1x RF and 1x Infrared
Memory4 memory positions. The position of the black and the white screen can be individually adjusted in small steps. 4 settings can be saved and recalled with a press on on of the 4 buttons on the remote controls.

Davision multiformat 4D screen case

Davision multiformat 4D 16x9

Davision multiformat 4D 21x9 wide format