Since Februari 2004 an excellent DLP projector is part of my home theatre :

BenQ PE8700 DLP projector :
Panel0.8" 12 degree HD2 DMD Mustang
Resolution1280 x 720, 16:9
Brightness1000 Ansi Lumen
Contrast ratio2000:1 Full on/off
Color Wheel6 segment, 5 speed (300Hz)
Lamp210W VIP, 2000 Hours lamplife

I have replaced the lamp after using it approx. 1500 hours (june 2006). Eventhough the lamp was not broken I felt that the lightoutput was reduced too much for me to fully enjoy the projector. The projector was fitted with the new lamp and recalibrated by Frank Doorhof of ITC. We took the opportunity to clean the glass between the lamp and the optical chamber. The difference is quite amazing, the projector is like new again.

BenQ PE8700 service menu : press menu (on the remote), press power on (on the remote), press menu again (on the remote). Only settings for an active input can be changed. To go back to the user menu : select 'user OSD' in the 'factory' section.
settings found in the service menu
The projector was fitted with a red color CC filter. After that a new grayscale calibration was done by Rob Dingen. The red CC filter helps the projector with color red so that blue and green do not need to be tuned down to get an even grayscale end result. See the calibration report of the BenQ PE8700
This brings a big win in blacklevel. And the contrast was improved by 15-20%. Lightoutput was measured to be around 9.75 footlambert.
see more info about this in the tweaks section

First pic :

rear panel connections :