Work  (any information published here must be regarded as my personal opinion and should not be seen as an official statement by Ericsson)

I work at Ericsson telecommunicatie B.V. in Rijen, Holland.

Ericsson is a leading supplier of telecommunication equipment. It's core business is telephone exchanges and the software to operate and maintain them. Ericsson is world leader in GSM equipment and has a substantial market share in local fixed line switches.
In Holland Ericsson controls approx. 40% of the fixed line market. Most phones below the line Nijmegen - Arnhem - Rotterdam) are connected to an Ericsson switch. Most 06 (or 0800/0900) services are handled by Ericsson switches. GSM operators KPN mobiel, Libertel and Telfort have mainly Ericsson equipment in their networks.
I work in the field support department where I handle complaints which are sent in / called in by fixed network operators like KPN and Telfort that use Ericsson equipment. In general I handle all problems but somehow most charging related problems end up on my desk That means problems concerning the data that is collected in order to produce the phonebill that is sent to all subscribers.

I also do 24 hour support. I am on call every 2 out of 5 weeks, which means that I tow my laptop around a lot of the time