Who I am

Name       :        Richard W------
Birth        :         670815 in Enschede, The Netherlands.

School               :        First year secondary school at the United World College of South
                                  East Asia in Singapore (1979-1980)
                                  VWO-B Scholengemeenschap Zuid in Enschede (grad 1986)
                                  HTS electrotech. dept. telecommunication in Enschede (grad 1990)
                                  TUT electrotech. not completed.

Military service   :       Yes, 91-11, erased from memory, let's NOT discuss this.

Work                 :       Ericsson since 93-4, now working in Technical Support handling software
                                  complaints from telephone operators like KPN and BT.
                                  previously :   - Selling vegetables in a veg. store and on the market.
                                                      - Holliday work at Johma salades (Losser).
                                                      - TUT/mensa as dishwasher/cleaner sidejob.
                                                      - Odink&Koenderink, Editing mechanical drawings.
                                                      - Consultair : programming a demo for displaying  aircraft
                                                        movement on the ground on the airport (turbo pascal)
                                                      - UNIMETA : Unloading trucks.
 Hobby's             :     - One of my hobbies is my work!
                                 - PC hardware and some games (RallyChampionship, F1-2002, QuakeIII).
                                 - HiFi Audio, Video equipment, Surround sound, DVD
                                 - Movies