23rd of June 2002, Formula 1 at the Nurburgring

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Drivers parade before the race :

During the warm up lap : Williams still 1 & 2, Ferrari 3 & 4 :

In the first few laps Barichello managed to overtake the Williams :

Michael Schumacher :

After a few laps the Ferrari's were dominating the race, expanding the lead 2.5 seconds every lap.
The 2 stop strategy of Ferrari payed off clearly.

Overtaking/lapping slower cars :

Rubens Barichello celebrating victory :

Double Ferrari win :

Edwin & Huub waiting for the race to start (stands T7):

Me, enjoying the race :

All pictures taken with a Minolta 800si SLR with two lenses : Minolta AFD 3,5-4,5/24-105D and a Minolta AFD4,5-5,6/100-300 Apo. Pictures scanned at 600dpi with a HP 4200c scanner.