Melbourne and surroundings (click on the pictures to see a larger 900x600/1500x1000 one in a new window)

Flinders station City centre Rialto tower The casino and the formula1 circuit
royal gardens appartments Where I was for 3 months during my stay in Melbourne Royal exhibition buildingFountains in Melbourne centre.
Yes this is me..
Beautiful views at the twelve apostles
The great ocean road :
Swimming with seals and dolphins in the bay.
Two river junction just north of Mildura Golddiggers in Ballarat, a town rebuilt to what it was like in 1850 when the first gold was found. Victoria Falls in the Grampians national park Heritage : Aboriginal Rock Art in the grampians, one of the few depictions of human in Rock Art.
A Blue Fairy Wrena Koalasome kangaroos.Salt lakes.