Server/NAS PC with Supermicro serverboard with ECC RAM running Slackware64 14.2 (kernel 4.4.75) with ZFS-On-Linux 0.7 :

Supermicro X10-SL7-F
micro ATX board - Socket 1150
Intel® C222 Express PCH
with onboard LSI 2308 sata controller (8x)
Dual Intel Gbit NIC
IPMI supermicro control using AST2400

Total 14x Sata onboard
Intel Core i3 4330 @ 3.5GHz Haswell
4 MB L2 Cache, Socket 1150, 22nm, 2 Cores, 4 Threads, TDP 54W
32GB ECC Memory (Samsung 4x 8GB 1600 DDR3 ECC M391B1G73QH0-YK0) SSD : Crucial M500 120GB SSD to boot from
Harddisks (12 disks) :
Total 12x 8TB Seagate ST8000NM0055
In RAIDZ2 using ZFS-on-Linux
4 disks in 4in3 Lian Li EX-36A2
5 disks in bottom bay
3 disks in extra internal bay.
Bruto pool size 12x8TB = 96TB
Netto pool size 10x8TB = 80TB
Noctua NH-L9i Low profile CPU cooler
Network card Dual port SFP+ 10Gbe Intel X520
This is connected with a Direct-Attach-Copper SFP+ cable
to the 10Gbe SFP+ port of the HP 1950 switch
ZFS-on-Linux 0.6.5 on Slackware64 14.2 with
ZFS poolversion 5000
Filesystem v5
Midi tower Lian LI PC60+, aluminium, 4 case fans + Lian Li 4in3 harddisk module Corsair RM550x 550Watt
Semi passive, 80plus Gold certified power supply